Difference in FUTURE DESIGN Quality and Value

Unique, and exclusive design only available from Future Design at an affordable price point.

Better Quality

Unlike many other merchants online, where most of them rely on multiple suppliers for their inventory, we have full control of our own manufacturing facilities, which enables us to offer better problem diagnosis, return & exchange policy, and overall quality control.

Better Value

Factory direct operation that cuts out multiple layers of business entities, which means for every dollar you spend at Future Design, you ALWAYS get more than you what paid for.

All inquiries are replied within 2 business day by our staff located in USA. E-mail us at FD@FutureDesignUSA.com for more information.

white mercedes benz w205 c43 coupe with c63 conversion diffuser and aftermarket c63 style black exhaust tips
carbon fiber quad exhaust style rear aggressive diffuser for 2017+ bmw g30 5-series with m-sport package
BMW 2017+ G30 5-series sedan wagon with future design carbon fiber front lip

FUTURE DESIGN USA specializes in carbon fiber components for BMW, BENZ, Porsche, Lamborghini and various other European cars. Factory Direct operation, means we offer best cost to performance ratio in the industry, you get much more for each dollar you spend at Future Design USA.


Who Are We?

From very a humble beginning, our first "manufacturing facility" started in 2007 by a group of car enthusiast in a family owned warehouse somewhere in middle of Taiwan, just so we can overlay ABS BMW and Mercedes parts with carbon fiber. Word started to spread, local car tuning shops began to pay us for carbon fiber overlay jobs for their customers, and the whole operation eventually evolved into a well-known international carbon fiber OEM supplier as we know today.  In 2015, we debuted our own brand FUTURE DESIGN, by designing and producing more of our original designed products, unique styles only available for our customers.

FUTURE DESIGN  have continuously expand and improve our facility in the past 10 years; currently occupying 12700 square foot of factory in Taiwan, and utilize some of the latest, and highest quality tools and computer aided design software in the industry.  Our headquarter in Taiwan have direct support from local car manufactures and local car dealerships, which is why our fitment is one of the best in the industry.  There are dozens of vendors from around the world that used or still uses us as OEM supplier, so despite being a new brand on the market, we are veterans at producing high quality carbon fiber components for the past decade.  

Our portfolio offers carbon fiber interior/exterior components for various European luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz.  

We greatly appreciate your visit, and please let us know if anything can be improved on our website and business, we will try our hardest to please our customers.

E-mail us at FD@FutureDesignUSA.com if you have more questions about our team or product.

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